The duty of AWM Management will vary from one yacht to another. We want to adopt a suitable management in close co-operation with the yacht owner(s). The following general information list shows our potential duties, – however, we always appreciate new ideas and improvements.


The daily operation of a vessel demands a well prepared financial department. We arrange the accounts, including crew payouts and all expenses concerning maintenance and refits, as well as the purchase of daily commodities.


All prescribed manuals will be present on board the vessel and at the AWM Management main office.

These manuals will contain safety and environmental protection policy, as well as ordinary rules and regulations found in the issued SMS ( Safety Management System ), the ISM Code, SOLAS and MARPOL. The deck – and engine officers shall log everything of importance concerning safety, navigation and pollution. We also make sure that our vessels follow the ISPS rules ( International Ship – and Port Security ).


The AWM Management undertakes regular inspections and clarifies the follow up and log keeping of all routines. We will keep the crew STCW 95 compliant and make sure that the mandatory courses are completed.


The AWM Management will be on constant standby, so that we can produce immediate assistance when necessary. An engine breakdown would need immediate action. The Management will make sure that parts are brought to the nearest harbour, and keep repair men standby. The DPA ( Dedicated Person Ashore ) will always be ready to handle important matters concerning the technical management of the yacht. In critical situations, we will do our utmost to bring your vessel quickly back to normal operation if possible.


AWM Yachting will arrange the insurance of the yacht in close co-operation with the owner(s). The yacht will be classified, and we make sure all certificates, nautical charts, nautical books and booklets are on board.


We create maintenance manuals for your vessel. Routine controls and audits will ensure that the Planned Maintenance System are followed up on board all yachts managed by AWM Yachting. The Ashore Management will schedule the dry docking activities and refits according to the agreed routines and insurance papers. Only approved, established shipyards will be contacted.


The AWM navigation department has crossed all oceans and visited all continents. In co-operation with the owner(s) they can create world-wide, exotic cruise itineraries. These include the harbours, arrival times, departure times, the distance and speed, sunrise and sunset etc. Our local agents will take care of all arrangements concerning payments of bunkering, supplies, harbour stays, sightseeing, car leasing, as well as completing of paperwork etc.


A yacht consists of the deck -, the hotel – and the engine department, where the captain is the officer in charge.
Ashore we add the design -, the sales – / marketing – and the department for safety, security and watch keeping.
The Deck Department is managed by CEO, Captain Torgeir J. Risnes. Our navigators have gathered their experience world-wide, and at top navigational academies. Chief Engineer Frode Eidem is the leader of our Technical Department. He and his men supervise all technical equipment in close co-operation with the on board chief engineers. They arrange the daily, as well as the long term technical routines. The Hotel- and Crewing Department is lead by Karen A. Adoro. We got designers, sales – / and marketing personnel and a security department that keep up to date with the latest developments. Normally all inspections will be performed by the deck – and the engine department, but occationally we ask our hotel experts for assistance. The AWM inspectors keep close contact with recommended wharfs and contractors, so that we are up to dated with the best economical offers and the amount of time the vessel will be out of operation.

The AWM Management charge an agreed annual amount, transferred monthly to our bank account.